10 things to cater before listing the house in Pembroke Pines FL

Selling the house can be a gruesome process. You need to manage all the documents, make sure you arrange the buyers meet and analyze all the areas of the house. Everyone wants top dollar for their investments and this is why you need to make sure that the house is in perfect condition before you list it on the market. It is an evident fact that the prospective buyer will indulge in the home inspection before purchasing the house. During the home inspection, the Insured Home Inspectors in Pembroke Pines FL will analyze all parts of the house and will identify the issues that can pose a threat to the new buyers.

You need to make sure that you take advantage of the time and address the issues before the inspection process. The new buyers will only have to worry about House Inspection Costs and they will find out all the issues in the house. Here is the list of some small repairs that will help you pass the buyers home inspection in a proficient manner.  

Repair smoke detectors

You need to make sure that you have functioning smoke detectors in the house and they are placed in all the important places of the house. You will need to install a smoke detector in each bedroom and one should be installed in all the entryway of the house. It is a good practice that a smoke detector needs to be installed at every level of the house.

Water Heaters and HVAC system:

You need to make sure that the water heater and the entire HVAC system is in the optimal position. It is a good practice to strap the water heater so that it does not move in case of an earthquake.

Landscaping and Vegetation:

Take good care of the landscaping and the vegetation in the house. The vegetation should be trimmed and should not make contact with the house from any side.

Access to all parts of the house:

Make sure that all the parts of the house are easily accessible. All the pathways to the crawlspaces, furnace, water heater, electrical panels should be cleared and have proper access.


Invest money in the making the house beautiful. Small repairs and chip work, trim work should be completed before listing the house on the market.  


Repair all the windows in the house. Broken windows may lower the price of the house.  

Window Screens:

Make sure all the window screens are properly installed in the house.

Nail Heads:

All the nail heads should be caulked to prevent the moisture from entering the house.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors:

Make sure all the sleeping areas have carbon monoxide detectors. They need to be placed in all levels of the house. These detectors need to be placed 5 feet above the ground so that their performance can be optimized.

Ground Falls Circuit:

Install the GFCI in all bathrooms and important places in the house and make sure they are operational.

You need to work on these things and make sure that the house is in perfect condition to attract the buyers your way. The buyers will love the house which is free from errors and when you cater to the following repairs, you will surely get good offers from the other side and pass the test of House Inspection Service in Pembroke Pines FL with flying colors.

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