5 Tips to Maintain Your Wooden Furniture

When you set up your dream home, you pay loving attention to each and every detail to make sure that your home is well-equipped with comfortable furniture, appliances and all other big and small requirements of a modern household. This phase is also very exciting and interesting as you are able to give full reign to your creativity. In addition, the whole process of researching, selecting and purchasing household items is a very rewarding exercise and leaves you with the satisfaction of knowing that you have converted your ‘house’ into a ‘home’.

Along with all the joy that setting up a home brings, you should also be aware that beautiful and possibly expensive items must be maintained and protected to keep them looking good and deriving maximum utility from them. Your wooden furniture, for example, whether it be the sofa set, or the king-size double bed or even the 6-seater dining table, all require proper maintenance as they are all daily-use products. Here a few tips to keep your wooden furniture looking sleek and fresh for a long time:

  1. Freedom from dust: Dust is a big problem for those living in crowded cities and close to heavy vehicular movement. Make sure that all wooden surfaces are dusted everyday (or at least 2-3 times a week) to keep them from looking dull or developing scratches.
  2. Polish: Wooden furniture need to be nurtured with care. Invest in a good wood polish from a reputed brand and ensure that all surfaces, including the backs and other hard-to-reach areas are properly shined. For a quick home remedy, rub coconut oil onto the surface of the furniture to give it a lasting shine.
  3. Prevention is better than cure: Use table cloths, place mats or coasters when keeping plates or glasses on the surface of tables to prevent ugly stains on the beautiful surface. Do not leave wet clothes on wooden surfaces (such as backs of chairs or sofas) for long periods as they can damage the varnish and harm the wood.
  4. Not a toy: Keep your kids from jumping on beds, sofas or any other wooden surface or touching them with sticky hands, or drawing on them. Yes, it sounds impossible, but you can try your best!
  5. You are not Superman: Don’t try to lift, shift or install heavy furniture that requires assembly, on your own. Not only do you run the danger of injuring yourself, you may end up damaging the furniture as well. Take the services of a good technician like those provided by Lifeasy, who knows how to properly install or uninstall the furniture.

Of course, over time, your furniture will face some amount of wear and tear. In such cases, be sure to call a good carpenter in Noida or carpenter in Ghaziabad to take care of small repairs. Lifeasy provides this service as well at great prices and in a skillful, professional and courteous manner. Visit the Lifeasy website or download the mobile app for all their available carpentry options.

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