Choosing Bathroom Vanity for Your Master Suite – 3 Factors to Consider

Designing a master suite bathroom can offer you some amazing challenges in terms of choosing the right décor theme, fixtures and striking the right balance between class, elegance, and functionality. When it comes to a bathroom like this, the biggest challenge for the designer becomes the fact that he or she has to break and make norms. A master suite bathroom has to be completely different, much more attractive, appealing, spacious and luxurious to make a statement. But again, it cannot be a replica for other similar specimens. So, how you design it is surely a big deal. However, even a bigger part of planning the whole décor is choosing the right bathroom vanity for space.

Bathroom vanity cabinets are not only just integral parts of bathroom décor, they can be extremely crucial too. They can be the focal point in the space. The can be the biggest disaster too if you don’t choose the right one. So, when you are choosing one, you have to be very careful and weigh all your options before you pick the final one. What factors do you need to think about? Take a look at the following points to know more.

Types of the Vanity

You must figure out what type of bathroom vanity you want. Whether you want a normal free standing one or a floating one, you need to think about it first. Free standings are the most common ones that sit on the legs or the base. You can choose the floating one too so that the floor space becomes free while it adds to a contemporary appeal of your bathroom. You can also go for the vessel sink or the open shelves too. Depending on the theme that you are choosing for your bathroom you have to choose the type of your bathroom vanity.

Number of Sinks

Next, you have to make this crucial choice. You have to make sure that you are putting enough thought before making the decision. Why? Well, maybe now you are living alone and using this master suit all by yourself. However, with time, you might think of expanding your family, get married. In any case, you will use the bathroom with someone else too. So, if you are thinking of keeping things well organized even if two people use the space, go for double sink vanities. You can also think of vessel sinks, the style where the sink sits on the countertop, a bit higher. The appeal of this bathroom will be undeniably modern.

Quality and Material

It is necessary that you consider the quality and material of the bathroom vanity. It will be exposed to moisture and heat for a long time. Also, more than one person can use them too. So, it is extremely necessary that you focus on the durability of the vanity before you choose one. Choose wood which properly sealed and lacquered so that with water, it doesn’t get damaged.

Storage and Fixture

The reason for installing the bathroom vanity is to increase storage space in the bathroom. Hence, along with the looks of the vanity, think about the storage space too. Make sure it is spacious enough. Also, think about the appearance so that the bulky shape doesn’t disturb the whole décor. With the vanity, think of the matching fixtures like countertop, tap, bath fittings, and mirror.

So, now as you know about choosing the right vanity for your master suite, make sure you are choosing the right ones so that it completes and complements the classy and luxurious appeal you are aiming for. For more information on discount kitchen cabinets, read my other blogs.

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