How Stump Removal Can Upgrade Your Yard

House owners cut the trees from their yards for a variety of reasons. The stump of the tree stays in the ground after cutting that needs to be removed. Some people remove the stump from their yard while some let it stay there.

Deciding whether to remove the tree stump or not can be a difficult decision. Some people want to keep the stump for decorative purposes, while others think it can cause problems for other plants and your yard. The stumps of diseased trees can attract pests and diseases for your yard. Let us see how stump removal can upgrade your yard.

Improves the Aesthetic appeal

A tree stump if left intact can downgrade the aesthetic appeal of your yard. A stump can make a beautiful yard look shabby. The space occupied by a stump cannot be used for any other purpose. You cannot plant new plants or shrubs in that place without removing the stump and roots.

Moreover, the homeowners can also create a focal point and more exciting features for their yard.  Although some yard owners might think that they can use it for decorative purposes, but the space it occupies can also be used in a better way after removing the stump.

Prevents the further growth

The stumps have roots below the ground that are not dead. The roots can grow unwanted plants again, that if left ignored can grow into trees. These plants can grow into a multi-trunked tree. Therefore it is essential to remove the stumps of any tree you cut from your yard.

Removing the tree stump entirely also removes the roots of the tree which reduce the chances of any further growth. You can prepare the soil for other plants, shrubs, and trees.

Protects your yard from pests and diseases

Tree stumps can lead to decay and invite pests and diseases to your yard. Termites, beetles and many other pests make their home in the stumps of trees. Once the stump gets infected by the pests, they can spread to other plants and trees in your yard.

If the tree you cut is already infected from diseases, it becomes essential to remove it right after cutting of the tree. Removing the stump can protect other plants and shrubs in your yard from the pests and infections.

Prevents the fungus from growing

A leftover tree stump can cause the growth of fungus which spreads quickly to other parts of the yard. Any kind of fungus is harmful to the pets and children as they are not aware of it while playing in the yard. If they play near the stump, they can get their feet infected by the fungus.

Removing the stump prevents the growth of fungus or any other infection in that place. To make your yard a nice place for everyone it should be free from pests and fungus like infections.

Easy grass cutting and cleaning

A leftover tree stump can be a significant obstruction in the cutting of grass. The grass also grows around the stump, but it is difficult for the gardener to use the lawn mower near the stump. If the roots come out of the ground or small plants sprout from the roots, it becomes difficult to use any grass cutting device.

Removing the stump from the yard enables easy cutting of grass and using the grass cutting machines like lawn mowers. Moreover, space becomes available for other plants and shrubs.

Protection for All

The stump of a tree can obstruct anyone walking or kids playing in the yard. Being small in height, it may not be visible to elders and playing kids. A leftover stump can act as an obstruction and can cause anyone to fall in the yard.

Removing the tree stump clears the path for everyone who enters the yard as they can walk freely. The kids and pets can play freely in the yard without the fear of falling and getting injured.

Multiple options to upgrade

The stump and roots of a tree occupy a large area under the soil. You cannot plant anything in that area until you remove the stump and roots completely. Removing the stump free up space for multiple things you can do to upgrade your yard.

In addition to planting more plants and shrubs, you can use the space for creating a focal point or patio in your yard. You can create a seating space by placing some chairs and a table in your yard. Moreover, you can create a fireplace to sit around in the winters.

Final Words

Removing the leftover stump of a tree can offer you many options to upgrade your yard. From freeing up space for playing of pets and kids to the planting of other plants and shrubs, you can use as many ideas for upgrading your yard to improve its visual appeal and spending your leisure time.


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