How To Decorate The Garden of Your House

A decorated garden require a large area, which add a value to house and natural environment.

The first thing to consider is what we are going to use our garden for, if it will be a space destined to grow food or rest with family and friends. Depending on the purpose is that we must organize the things that will decorate the garden of our house.

One of the main tips when decorating this type of space is to divide the project into phases and thus move step by step.

The first thing we talk about the garden is the type of grass or grass it will have. For this, we have to know what type of climate the location of our house located. Depending on it, the type of grass to be planted to support hot or dry climates.


If the garden space is large, it may have pathways. To organize this, the land that will be used to passage must be defined.  The walkways made of cobbles and gravels to stones or cut concrete. This will connect the different points of the garden without stepping on the grass.

Patio & Furniture

If your garden has a space that has a terrace or a covered patio, we recommend that you choose best pergolas, chairs, furniture and tables that are foldable. So that the space bring life and easy organized. Combine with textiles: cushions, covers, tablecloths of bright colors that allow more life and color to your garden. We also recommend restored second-hand furniture that, besides investing little money in them, give a vintage touch to the decoration.

Tree, Shrubs & Flowers

It is very convenient to plant trees, shrubs and flowers native or native to the area because they are more likely to grow and require little dedication to keep them in top condition. Remember that trees give shade and from them it is possible to create new spaces where to locate a terrace if you do not have one.

The use of fountains in a garden can generate a sense of calm or tranquility. We advise you to choose those of closed circuit water that allow saving water and energy. In the shops there are various sizes and with different figures that can make your garden a very classic or very modern place.

Garden with grass and stones

If you want to enjoy a beautiful garden, a good idea may be to plant grass and leave other pieces with stones. If you manage to plan a good design, you can say that you have achieved a really beautiful garden. In addition, to get better results, create zones with stones of different colors, the contrast will be higher.

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