How to deep clean your house efficiently?

Despite performing regular cleaning, mopping and dusting, every house needs a deep cleaning to remove the dirt and grime from the areas, which aren’t covered by regular or spring cleaning. Deep cleaning will require more time and energy if your house has several bedrooms and bathrooms. Regardless of the type of lodging space, you are living in; your home always needs proper cleaning and maintenance to provide a healthy and safe environment for your family.

Instead of daily cleaning, you will have to pay attention to extensive house cleaning to enhance the hygiene of your residence. Ignorance to deep clean a house can make your family sick and depressed. The best way to improve the health and wellbeing of your family is to practice deep cleaning once in a month if possible or at least thrice in a year.

Exhaustive cleaning is a stressful job, especially for working families. You can always hire a professional housemaid in Dubai not only to reduce the burden but also to do it efficiently. Here I am sharing a list of essential activities you must perform to avail lasting benefits after deep cleaning your house.

Do necessary preparations

When it comes to clearing out far-reaching areas like space above cabinets, light fixtures, windows and shelves, you will need an extra supply of cleaning tools. In addition to regular brushes, mops and dusters; you will need a stepladder to access the area. Don’t forget to arrange a pair of gloves, cleaning sprays, mould and mildew removers, sponges and mirror cleaners. Depending upon the condition of furniture and fixtures; you may also need furniture polish. Besides organising supplies and tools, schedule it at a suitable time to complete it without stressing yourself. Spend some time in planning and preparation to avoid unpleasant surprises like running out supplies, tools and time during the activity.

List the areas to clean

It’s your home, and you know all about it. Then why you should make the list of spaces, you are planning to clean. You need a list to do deep clean systematically. You don’t want to ruin your efforts after doing it randomly. Floors, furniture and rugs must not clean at the start; instead ceilings, walls and vertical fixtures should be cleaned first. Deep cleaning is ideally performed from top to bottom. It includes everything from general cleaning of toilets, kitchens and bedrooms to detail cleaning of fixtures and appliances like cleaning behind the baseboard, moving out television, couches and beds to clean the area behind or under the furniture.  A professional cleaning crew can help you to do it conveniently.



Split up your house into sections

Regardless of the type and size of your lodging space, you should consider dividing your area into sections. This will help you to do it with control. Start cleaning one room at a time and don’t move to the next, unless it is completed. Follow this rule, even if you have hired professional maids. Sectioning your space will allow you to work with complete focus.


Spend more than a day if required

Though we all want to complete these tiring tasks as soon as possible, sometimes it becomes necessary to extend it over a couple of days. A penthouse takes more time for cleaning and organising as compared to 2 bedroom apartment. Avoid stressing you to do everything in a single day.

Endnote: Appointing a professional housemaid in Dubai can help you in multiple cleaning tasks like cleaning of refrigerators and ovens to wiping and dusting home fixtures and appliances.

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