Install or Replace a Window in 7 Steps

From traditional homes to the modern, windows have always been an essential part in every house. They play a great part in protecting your house from extreme weather conditions. They block the dirt and dust outside the building structure as well as the heavy rain that can destroy the interior paint and upholstery. To avail all these benefits, you have to go through these following crucial steps so that you have the best windows in your house.

Initial research

For every service you need, research is very important. This will lead you to a better result. Take help from Google and explore your local companies offer window replacement in Westerville OH. The internet research will present you the result of the top companies that meet your needs. Enlist 3-4 for companies and begin a deep research to look for credentials, equipment, and experiences.

Beyond this, also research what type of window will be beneficial for your homes. Think about the natural light and the place where you have to install or replace a window. It’s better to get a different window then you already have for replacement, because only then you can avail the benefit of replacing the window.

Buying the right material

If it’s a DIY process, there are lots of tools that you need to buy such as proper studs, beams, shims, window casing, nails, a hammer, caulking gun, and more. The best way is to leave the job for the professionals because in that case, it will be a cost-effective method. Not only this but you also save your time.

Accurate measurements

Perfect window installation is all about accurate measurements. So, you have to be careful while measuring the window size. For a safety measure, we suggest you measure it twice to ensure that you have the perfect measurements. Remember that these measurements vary from room to room as it depends on AC installed in a room or any other such thing. Instead of tackling with so many problems, isn’t it better to leave the tasks for professionals?

Cut an opening

If it’s a new window installation, it would be tough. You need a good time to cut the opening and removing the drywall or the frame. The task may look easy but not really easy. There would be lots of mess and debris around. In case you are doing it all alone, follow a few steps required to cut the opening in the wall. If that seems a burden, you always have professionals around.

Window framing

Window framing is essential to have a proper window installed at your home. Being a non-professional, you do not have the right experience to fix the window framing and how much space your window needs. That is why window replacement contractors in Westerville OH are worth hiring.

Finishing the window opening

This step is really crucial as you have to finalize the window opening. Drill pilot holes from inside at each side in order to locate the window opening, this helps you determine where to make the cut for the opening.

Placing new window

Lastly place the new window using adhesives to secure, fill the gaps and caulking to seal. The final process can be tricky, but you have to handle it carefully. It’s best to have professionals for such crucial jobs as you may risk your building structure with the DIY process.


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