Top 5 Things You Should Not Carry In the Removalist Truck

Moving to a new location can be a stressful process if not planned properly. Planning is essential for home shifting, and packing is a part of every house removal plan. Using the services of removalist company is necessary for relocation to a new place.

Carrying the home appliances and other items in a removal truck is the best way to shift your house. However, you should know well, what you should pack to carry in the removalist truck. There are some items that you should not carry in a removal truck.

Those essential items that you could not manage to lose such as important documents and overnight essentials that you cannot wait to use until the unloading of the truck at the new place. This post shares the top five things you should never carry in the removalist truck.

Hazardous materials

The dangerous goods Act in many states prevents the transportation of hazardous materials regardless of the mode of transportation. The dangerous materials include things like motor oil, pesticides, pool chemicals, fuels, paints, flammables, and car batteries. The hazardous goods Acts offers a full list of the materials that they prevent from transferring from one place to another.

You need to check the list before packing your items for the transfer. Anyone carrying a dangerous object that is on the list can lead to a hefty fine. The removalist agencies have the list of the things prohibited by the law for transfer in a truck. You can check the list or ask them to guide about the hazardous materials that you should not carry in the truck.

Important documents

You should never pack essential documents such as identity proofs, address proofs, passports, certificates, etc. in the package boxes. Such things can go missing in the process of transportation. Moreover, there are documents like office files, property papers, and vehicle documents that are difficult to recover or obtain if lost in the process of removal.

In case you need any of the documents during or after the transfer, you will need to fiddle through the boxes to look for that document. It is better to carry them in a file in your car. Also, keep the scanned copies of all the documents in your computer or e-mail.

Perishable items

The perishable items can cause damage to other things in the package boxes. Imagine the damage that a spilled liquid or paint can cause to your sofa. Do not pack the perishable items in the boxes, especially the fluids as they can spill over other things.

Moreover, there are perishable items like glass items and crockery sets that can break due to the jerks from speed breakers and potholes in the truck. It is best to use or sell the perishable items before the move and buy the same things at the new place.

Sharp tools

Sharp tools can penetrate other items and damage them during the move. Sharp objects like knives, saws, and gardening tools can cause damage to the items packed with them. They can penetrate the cardboard boxes and come out and penetrate other boxes.

If possible sell such items before the move and buy the new after the move. If there are precious items like swords that you cannot sell, you should carry them in the boot space of your car, that too in a special metal box.

Precious and Sentimental Items

The precious items like jewelry should not be packed in the package boxes. Such things are expensive and can lead to loss of value and money, if lost or misplaced during the packaging or unpacking of boxes. Moreover, there are sentimental items that hold special meaning to you, such as photo albums, a family heirloom, and other belongings.

There is no doubt you can pack them in a special box with added protection, but it is better not to carry such items in the removal truck. The loss of any such item can lead to a lifetime loss if not recovered. You can get the insurance for loss of items but not the special value or meaning associated with them.

Final Words

These are the top five categories of items that you should never pack in a removalist truck. In addition to these items, you should not pack your first aid kit or the medications of a family member undergoing treatment. You never know when any of your family members might need medicine.

If you are doing the packing yourself, then you need to take extreme care of which items to pack and which you should not pack. Moreover, if your carry on the packing yourself, any damage to the items will not be covered by insurance. Therefore, it is better to leave the packing process to the house removalist company.

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