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As well as Ringgold High, Echols attended. There are times at this place when it feels like a class reunion. I enjoy working at the business’s storefront on Battlefield Parkway. “There are people here I haven’t seen in years.” Echols wants people to know that the business is also a landscaping service. Among their products are grass seed, flowers, trees, shrubs, and vegetable plants. Also available are bird houses, planters, yard art, and do-it-yourself landscaping supplies.


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The Kamado Joe grills they carry will be demonstrated by Homescape Pros on April 16. They will have a cookout for the public, which will include bacon and eggs, pork butts, and grilled Krispy Kreme bread pudding. Visit Homescape Pros and be sure to say hello to Breezy, the company’s resident mouser and guard cat. A stray, Echols says, “she’s now found a home.” Echols even took her to work with the guys one day. Breezy watched from her perch until Williams and his crew were finished and ready to take her home without realizing that she had climbed onto the tractor. Breezy is my baby,” Echols confides, “and she loves Ken so much.”


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A visit to Homescape Pros demonstrates their love of growth, says Williams. “We did an outdoor kitchen – sink, fridge, glass-front drink cooler, ice machine, bar, three TV sets, the works.” In the building is a large greenhouse with hundreds of young plants, as well as plants for sale like angel wing and dragon wing begonias. Growing up, Williams worked in the plant industry. Around the age of 12, he began working at Williams Greenhouse on Boynton Drive with his parents. Following his graduation from Ringgold High School, he attended Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College and earned a degree in horticulture.


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A new Echols Construction office opened in New Smyrna Beach. As a licensed residential contractor, Justin Echols provides full-service remodeling,, wood flooring installation, pressure cleaning, and home improvement services. He earned a degree in building construction from Santa Fe College in Gainesville and completed an apprenticeship with a commercial builder in Orlando. Hours: By appointment.

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