It’s not easy because “cheap” in New York doesn’t mean much… No, not kidding, it’s true that knowing the city, and having the experience of many trips to New York, I still have some good tips to share with you to limit your spending on housing.

What you need to know to find cheap apartments or hotels in New York

If you are looking for cheap accommodation in New York or cheap places to live near nyc, here are the things to consider:

– The closer your hotel (or apartment) is to the center of Manhattan (all of Manhattan except above 90th Street) the more expensive the accommodation will be.

– The more services and benefits it offers, the more expensive it will be because it designed by Good Interior Designer NYC.

Therefore, for cheap accommodation in New York, you need a hotel or apartment quite far from the tourist center and with very simple services.

Moreover, you will find information on the different neighborhoods in this article: What is the best neighborhood to stay in New York according to your desires and your budget. You can also get benefits from this information whenever you decide to moving from New York to Miami.

Why shouldn’t accommodation be too far from the tourist center?

I think you have to be careful not to go too far either, because in my opinion, the ideal accommodation in New York is a place where you can come back at the end of the day to land, rest, shower, change and leave for a great evening.

So if you are 40 minutes by metro from Midtown, if you return to your hotel or your apartment, you will have a hard time leaving!!!

So I think you have to be 10-15 min maximum from Midtown, Chelsea, Downtown,

For this there are several areas of NY where you can find cheap hotels while being within the perimeter that I have given.

These neighborhoods are Queens, Brooklyn and even in the state of New Jersey.


Be careful because Brooklyn is twice as big as Paris, so don’t say to yourself: “I took an apartment in Brooklyn, so it’s going to be great.” No, take a good look at where it is exactly and especially where the nearest metro station is (to find out, go to Google Maps and bring up “public transport”).

Brooklyn’s second concern is that the neighborhoods close to Manhattan (DUMBO, Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg, etc.) are ultimately quite expensive. So you have to move away even more … and finally it is no longer a good plan.

New Jersey

Then there is New Jersey. You should know that New Jersey is another state and that the public transport system is different from that of New York.

To cross the Hudson River, you will have the choice between the ferry, the PATH (subway) or the bus. These options are not available in all cities in New Jersey.

So it’s not very practical but above all, it amounts to doubling the transport price since for a week. You will have to pay at least 7 round trips, or $42 for a PATH (Smartlink) card with 20 trips or $29 for an unlimited card. And since the Metrocard is $32 for the week, that makes the week $60 for transportation.

On the other hand, the PATH station at the World Trade Center will be closed every weekend until December 20, 2020. A ferry is available but it is slower.

In short, I don’t think this is the right plan either.


As with Brooklyn, know that it is huge, so be sure to consider where you choose accommodation.

But if you choose precisely in the Long Island City or Astoria district, there, you will be able to find very nice rates and you will be less than 20 minutes from Times Square door to door.

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