Expert Tips For TLC Lawn Care During The Spring

Expert Tips For TLC Lawn Care During The Spring

You can’t just leave it to chance to have a lush, green lawn. Mowing and weeding grass is just one part of lawn care. In addition to controlling crabgrass, getting rid of lawn-destroying grubs, and fertilizing your lawn, good lawn care services keep your lawn thriving. Professional lawn care services take all of the hard work out of gardening. Experts have expert knowledge of how to care for shrubs, plants, grass and trees in addition to caring for your garden. Our reviews team analyzed some of the best professional lawn care services out there to help you find quality services near you. This TLC Lawn Care review discusses the services provided, value for money, quality of work, and customer feedback.

TLC Lawn Care’s Offerings

TLC Lawn Care offers a variety of plans to keep your lawn looking healthy throughout the year. Lawn care varies according to the season. For hardy and disease-resistant grass in any season, lawn fertilization is essential. Additionally, we offer crabgrass control, weed control, grub prevention, and other necessary treatments. For all your lawn needs, TLC Lawn Care offers a “5-Service Program”. This five-part plan is designed specifically to ensure grass grows well from spring until fall. Grass that is well-nourished survives freezing temperatures and harsh winters.

Early Spring

Early in the spring, grass begins to grow. To promote healthy roots, lawns should be fertilized with balanced fertilizers. Weeds also sprout and need to be controlled. It’s not just grass that grows. The Early Spring plan from  includes the following services:

Crabgrass control – Also known as finger grass, crabgrass is a tough weed that can quickly ruin your lawn. Using TLC Lawn Care, you can prevent this irritating weed from appearing on your lawn, but without harming the surrounding grass.

Fertilization – Growing lawns require more fertilizer in the spring. Professional technicians only apply fertilizer that meets your lawn’s specific needs.

Weed control – TLC Lawn Care professionals inspect your lawn for broadleaf weeds and remove or treat them as needed.

Late Spring

The most active months for lawn grubs are April and May. They can destroy your lawn if not eradicated as they have a voracious appetite. Late spring lawn care involves:

Lawn grub prevention – You can prevent larvae from feeding on your lawn with treatments that prevent larvae from living in the soil. Later in the year, thin or dead patches of turf can appear due to this optional treatment.

Fertilization – Depending on the lawn’s condition, a fast- or slow-release fertilizer is applied. These treatments keep the grass vibrant and healthy.

Inspection and weed control – We check your lawn for crabgrass, weeds, and insects that feed on the surface. Weeds and pests are controlled with the appropriate treatment.

Late Fall

Fertilizing your lawn in late fall prepares it for winter. By applying balanced nutrients to your lawn in October and November, lawn care technicians ensure the roots are healthy and hardy so they can survive the upcoming winter. In spring, healthier grass growth will result from late fall treatments, resulting in less maintenance.

The Cost Of TLC Lawn Care

TLC Lawn Care guarantees the lowest prices. As each lawn is unique, it is impossible to give a price estimate. Lawn care prices are also influenced by the condition of your lawn. TLC Lawn Care’s plans are impacted by a number of factors.

Why TLC Lawn Care?

Your yard should be taken care of by a reputable lawn care company at an affordable price. Ultimately, your garden is a reflection of your pride in your property and home. Maybe you also want your front yard to stand out from your neighbors’. Do the services advertised by TLC Lawn Care meet customers’ expectations? Does TLC Lawn Care deliver on its promises? Almost all of the positive reviews of TLC Lawn Care mention the technicians’ attention and helpfulness.




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