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Choosing a professional service to perform any home improvement-related task can be both confusing and time expensive. There are a lot of factors to consider, including experience, work ethic, and whether or not a service is providing you value for money. One must also consider a contractor’s attitude, whether that contractor is available on short notice, and how easy it is to explain the concern at hand to them.

With the construction business exploding in scale in the last few years, it has become increasingly difficult to pinpoint legitimate players in the market. The nature of home improvement-related projects dictates that one must not go easy while picking up the contractor or the company to complete a job, as it costs a good chunk of hard-earned money thanks to annual material cost-escalation and a lot of man-hours that can not be allowed to be simply scrapped because of an unskilled professional.

We have dived deep into the internet and invested a fair bit of research to bring to you smart online tools that tell you about the best professionals for any job in your neighborhood. You can use these tools from the comfort of your home to get to know why a local option is the best for you thanks to these tools using internet data scraping to compare reviews and statistics.

1. Estimate

We guarantee you that when you head over to “Estimate”, you’ll find that it is hands down one of the easiest and most time-friendly ways to find the best building and repair contractors and professionals near you. Not only that, as the name suggests, this tool also allows you to estimate the expense for any home improvement project such as roofing, guttering, flooring, etc. This way you know what to expect when you are talking to a contractor about the project and you can develop a good understanding of whether the contractor wants to rip you off.

If you’re a resident of Ireland, this place is an absolute lifesaver for you as this platform has the entire neighborhood covered for you. To top things off, it is completely free, which means that you don’t have to spend a single penny to get a complete cost overview for your next project. The thing that makes this tool so consumer-friendly is the variety of services it covers. Need a professional roofing contractor? You got it! Flooring, guttering, minimizing costs, hiring advice, you name it.

People in Dublin and all of mainland Ireland have been making use of this online platform to find the best options for their tasks. It links you with local pros and you can easily request a free cost estimate. It tells you what to look for while hiring a contractor, how to keep your costs at a minimum, and also calculates a mean estimate which provides you with a ballpark of the budget you need to have for a certain job. If you plan on carrying out a major renovation job for your house, “Estimate” can save you a lot of resources.

2. Houzz

Founded by Adi and Alon, Houzz was intended to be a place where you can browse and save beautiful photos of inspiring homes. With years, it has become a good place to find and hire the right design and construction professionals. What started as a side project has now grown into an enthusiastic community of millions of homeowners, home design enthusiasts, and home improvement professionals around the world.

Whether you are decorating a small room or building a custom home, Houzz is a good way to find design inspiration, research and hire home professionals, and discover products to complete your home renovation and improvement projects.

Houzz has morphed into a go-to site for users to get ideas for home improvement and connect with industry professionals over the years and now has a community of 65 million users. This platform is targeting industry experts as well, as they can offer their services through this platform. Users from all around the world can benefit from Houzz thanks to its international community of contributors.

3. HomeAdvisor

For netizens from the US reading this, this is the best platform for home services and repairs! While “home improvement” generally refers to construction projects that alter existing residential structures, it can also include improvements to lawns, gardens, and outdoor structures such as gazebos and garages. It also includes engineering and architectural endeavors such as smart home solutions.

HomeAdvisor is the complete package for the residents of the US because this platform offers professionals and contractors for all sorts of home services. You can get your everyday tasks such as pest control and moving services as well as remodels, driveways, patios, roofing, and guttering, and these are just to name a few. 

It also allows you to compare quotes from upto 4 professional services for a job. This helps in competition analysis and allows you to choose the option that best fits your needs and budget. Cherry on top, it is also absolutely free and only charges the professional services or contractors when you strike a deal!

The tools we have shared above are the best way to stay informed with the best professionals in town as well as the cost estimates for any home construction, repair, or rebuilding job. Thanks to such tools, it has now become highly unlikely for any malicious building contractor to waste your time and money.  

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