Housing Market in Sacramento: Prices, Trends, and Forecast 2023-2023

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The Sacramento real estate market has become relatively pricey as a result of the city’s sharp rise in property values. It closes deals after 31 days with an average of two property offers. Despite a little cooling in the residential property market since last year, purchasers are still looking for inexpensive homes because housing is more expensive than ever. It becomes worse because of the increasing mortgage Housing Market.

With a typical list price of $458K in November of last year, property prices in Sacramento decreased by 3.8%. The most recent predictions from the California Association of Realtors predict that prices will increase by 3.7% in 2023 despite a 12.1% decline in the number of homes sold. This raises the question of whether Sacramento real estate investment is worthwhile.

Average House Price Trends in Sacramento (December)

Sacramento Housing Market Report: December 2022 - Blog


Sacramento, California’s real estate market seems to be doing well despite inflation in 2023. This may be due to Sacramento’s ability to offer luxury properties at a lower cost than its nearby neighbours, San Francisco and San Jose.

The housing market trends given below will give you an idea of what real estate will look like in December 2023 based on properties that are listed for sale on realtor.com. Homes for sale in Sacramento had a $425,000 median price. In 2023, this will be $182,990 less than it is now.

Even though there are fewer rental homes, most individuals still relocate to Sacramento from nearby cities. As of January 8th, 2023, the city’s average monthly rent for an apartment building was $1,550, an increase of 4% from 2023. This varies, though, according to the location and square footage per flat. The following are the most recent updates to the monthly average rent prices:

  • In Sacramento, a studio apartment went up 10% to $1,350.
  • A 1-bedroom apartment’s price rose by 3% to $1,590.
  • A two-bedroom apartment’s price rose by 3% to $1,905.
  • A three-bedroom apartment’s price rose by 5% to $2,670.

Housing Market Prediction for Sacramento for 2023-2023

Sacramento Housing Market: Prices, Trends, Forecast 2023-2023 - The Frisky

Due to the pool of purchasers moving to other cities in search of more inexpensive housing options, the real estate market did better last year. The Central Valley, the Bay Area, and Southern California all experienced substantial growth in active listings. The majority of buyers are delaying purchases, which suggests that the property market will decline.

Realtors expect inventory will grow and sales price decreases will keep up the pace. In its 2023 California Housing Market Forecast report, CAR’s Realtor forecasts a 7.1% decline in single-family home sales. But, if inflation doesn’t slow down for mortgage rates to decline, the real estate industry will suffer greatly.

Is it a good idea to invest in Sacramento real estate?

Rental Properties in Sacramento CA a good investment?

Realtors believe Sacramento has a stronger property market than other California towns. Many people are seeking safety in Sacramento despite being surrounded by millions of people in the nearby cities.

As a result, the housing market is attracting a lot of attention, demand is going high, and the value of properties is rising. The city’s abundant attractions and job possibilities draw the majority of visitors.

Living expenses and standard of living

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If you are a homeowner in Sacramento, you have access to more affordable living without sacrificing all your income. The cost of living there is more affordable than in most places in California.

Not just that, you will enjoy a better quality of life as well. Overall, the quality of life in Sacramento is good. The city has a relatively mild climate, with hot summers and cool winters. It is located near many natural areas, including the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the California coast, which offer opportunities for outdoor recreation.

The city also has several parks and green spaces, as well as many museums, theaters, and other cultural attractions.

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