How to Calculate Peak Sun Hours

Sun Hours

The best way to maximize the benefits of your solar panels is by asking yourself, “What are peak sunlight hours?” Summer temperatures in Florida can be extreme and there is plenty of sunshine. This means that electricity consumption will increase and air conditioning costs will rise. Solar panels will ensure homeowners don’t have to deal with this annual energy drain or big bank account losses. But homeowners who want to preserve their savings must know about peak sun hours and how they are calculated.

What Are Peak Sun Hours?

Peak sun hours allow you to measure and compare how much sunlight your home gets. The average peak sun hours in your area can be found by understanding that solar panels absorb at least 1000 watts/square meter. Solar panels are able to harness the sun’s natural energy to produce electricity for your home. Although solar panels can be exposed to sunlight all day, they will still produce energy.

Peak sun hours are calculated by the formula: 1 peak hour = 1000 W/m2 sunlight per hour.

Understanding when your solar panels are producing maximum energy is the only way to maximize your solar system’s potential. 

Here are some ways you can make the most of sun peak time.

Time of Day

When solar panels are most likely to produce the highest amount of solar energy. This is known as solar noon. It varies depending on where you live. The optimal time to receive solar radiation and the peak hours of sunlight is known as solar noon. Contrary to sunrise and sunset, the sun rises at a lower angle. This allows for more sunlight to filter through solar panels and reduces energy absorption.


Can solar panels be used on cloudy days? Yes! Solar panels can still generate energy in cloudy and rainy conditions; peak solar hours are best when the sun is shining. 


You need to ensure your home is located in the best spot to get maximum sun exposure. Because they are closer to the sun, communities near the equator receive more solar energy.

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