How To Clean Coir Mats?


Coir floor matting can be customized and absorbs water well, making it an extremely popular entrance mat. You will need to clean it from time to check that the matting is performing well. Coir logo mats offer a more sustainable option and are increasingly being used in schools, offices, and other businesses.

This article outlines the essential steps for cleaning a doormat and carpets.

Dry coir mat cleaning

A quick shakedown of the mat will get rid of the majority of dirt and dust. This will allow you to vacuum the mat from the floor. Once all the dust and dirt is removed, vacuum up the mat to remove any remaining debris.

Coir mats are a more environmentally-friendly choice. These mats can be used in offices, schools, or other business doors. But they’re best when dry, as they’re more efficient and more long-lasting.

How can you clean a coir mat that’s been wet?

Coir mats become more susceptible to being covered in snow, mud, or wet shoes in the winter months. You’ll need to get rid as much dirt as possible. Hang the mat on a hanger and then use a broomstick to remove as much dirt as possible. It can be quite dusty so ensure you take it outside. For dirt that has not been removed, clean it with water and a stiff brush. Dry it naturally.

Coir is a versatile material, with both antibacterials as well as antifungal characteristics. Coir is able to withstand salt, water, and heavy footfall. However, it needs to be cleaned frequently. If the natural fiber has become worn, stained or old, our team can assist.

Can coir mats get wet?

Coir mats can be made from natural fibers. However, they can be used indoors as doormats. Rubber mats offer a more comfortable way to sit outside in bad weather.

Can you wash a coir doormat?

Only by hand. Coir doormats should be cleaned by hand. Also, steam cleaning a coir doormat should be avoided as it can damage the mat. It is better to use a stiff brush to get rid of any marks or stains on the tough bristly fibers. A coir doormat cannot be steam cleaned.

Coir matting

To get rid of stains on a coir mat, you can brush the surface or use a sponge soaked in carpet shampoo. Do not soak the fabric. You can still remove the stain by repeating the process.

Coir mat not shedding

Coir doormats give your shoes a natural look. Higher quality mats won’t shed as many as less-quality mats. Also, the mat with bristles may become unevenly distributed on to the floor and look messy.

A mat well or recessive coir rug is one way to reduce this. The edges of the mat, which are secured and held in place by the coir mat, will prevent it from moving around. This will trap bristles that need to be vacuumed. The coir mat’s lifespan will be extended by a regular vacuuming. This will also eliminate any potential shed problems.

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