Weather conditions can cause roofs to suffer severe damage. Certain roof types are more resilient to certain weather conditions than others, but all roofs can be seriously damaged by such circumstances. Roof repairs are often necessary to repair damage caused by weather conditions. Erie Insurance reports that homeowners are more likely to repair roofs damaged by severe weather. According to 65%, the weather was their main motivator. This article examines the different weather conditions that can cause roof damage.


Rain is the most damaging weather for roofs. It is particularly important to inspect your roof after heavy rainfall, especially if it is older or subject to natural wear. Even a small crack could allow water in and cause serious damage. Be sure to watch your gutters during rainy weather.


Winter is when winds can be strong. Strong wind can cause serious damage to your gutters, particularly if you have had poor or irregular cleaning. Make sure you have completed all necessary cleaning, inspections, and repairs before winter arrives. This will reduce the chance of your gutters becoming detached or sustaining other wind-related damage.


When you think of severe weather, the heat might not be your first thought. Roof material can expand and contract under extreme heat, which can cause damage. Shingles can crack or deteriorate from UV radiation. Ventilation is important for all roofs, especially those with well-insulated homes.


Snow, which can also be caused by wind and rain, is another cause of roofing damage. Snow can add weight to your roof, increasing the chance of it collapsing. Get snow removed from your roof as soon as possible. Your roofer may also suggest stronger materials.


Roof damage can often be caused by heat and humidity, requiring roof repairs. Although heat can cause shingles breaking, humidity can severely damage your roof’s moisture barrier and eventually affect the whole building. Condensation can cause water damage and leaks. It is important to choose a weatherproof roof material.

In the event of severe weather, it is smart to have a roofer inspect the roof. This ensures that any potential problems are addressed quickly to avoid them becoming more serious. Are you looking for roofing repairs? We can help you with your roofing problems.

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