A unique kind of product that provides the look of plantation shutters closed from the outside with a clear view from the inside with a clear view from the inside. It reduces heat loss and heat gain by 60%, which lowers heating and cooling bills with an average of 25-30%. If it is applied  to the  exterior  of  glass,  it  eliminates 99% UV, making 60% of  you  exterior glass non-conductive, reducing  wear and  tear on  heating and  cooling  systems. It lowers noise transmission.  It provides daytime privacy with window coverings open. It saves the birds by eliminating reflection. Stopping artificial turf from burning up from the magnifying effect from glass. It  is  easy to  use  on  ever  window from houses to  houseboats,  toy  haulers  to  motorhomes,  horse trailers  to  farm  equipment, motels  to  commercial  building.  It offers security that plain old windows don’t offer. Its safety  features  include  no  glass  shattering in  case of  natural  disaster  and  makes all  glass  look better and stay  clean! ALL WITHOUT REPLACING YOUR WINDOWS! DIY Friendly, works immediately and money isn’t all you’re saving.  INCREASES COMFORT AND YOU CAN’T PUT A PRICE TAG ON THAT. Don’t wait for another day.  Order your Diamond Shield for Windows today.  Diamond Shield for Windows.  The  opportunity is  endless.  Call  our  toll-free  number  at  888-700-5855 or visit us at WWW.DIAMONDSHIELDFORWINDOWS.COM

Anna Marry

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