Tech Hacks for Tiny Homes: Maximize Space with Smart Solutions


Improving your living standards day by day lets people learn something new. This is an opportunity to perform experiments and see what works for their lives or houses. One of the smart modifications is adding zebra blinds Manitoba. However, there are more tech hacks to make the appearance of your smaller and cuter space into a bigger one.

Pros & Cons of Living in a Tiny House

Tiny places have benefits and drawbacks. One of the obvious pros is the easy cleaning. There is not a lot of space to vacuum or use whatever cleaning approach you prefer. Therefore, you can conveniently keep the unwanted substances at bay. Tiny places are eco-friendly too. Not a lot of materials are required to build such houses and even some of them are recycled. Moreover, these spaces are perfect for enhanced energy efficiency, as you will utilize less energy or power for operating light or other appliances. 

Most of the tiny houses have wheels, which give you the freedom of mobility. You can take anywhere you want, maybe closer to nature. Nevertheless, one of the drawbacks is less storage space. You might find it hard to store all of your essentials in such a house. Also, the place will seem crowded if more than two people are living there. You will also miss out on some luxury facilities like air conditioning in every room and bathtub in each bathroom due to lesser space. 

Tech Hacks for Maximizing Space in Tiny Homes

Built-in Appliances

Built-in appliances are suitable space saving ideas. They adjust to the room layout and remain at a fixed position almost forever. Also, this gives a very aesthetically pleasing vibe to the house. There will surely be less noise as some appliances are behind doors. Also, there is no need to drag them and you as well as all the other house members will know where a particular appliance lies to get benefits from its functionality.

However, they are more expensive than freestanding appliances. In order to cope with this problem, you can buy and install both freestanding and built-in appliances. For instance, a built-in dishwasher with a freestanding refrigerator. 

Organizing Technology and Cables

Organizing the wires or cables in the house gives a clean look, and hence, you will attain more space. First, you should work on placement of devices at specific positions. For instance, think where the television will look better in a room and where to put the router or other internet devices. Decluttering is necessary in terms of devices and wires, particularly when you have kids and pets in your tiny home. 

Same goes for the cords or string of cheap custom blinds. Make sure the curtain does not have wires which might prove dangerous for your little ones. This is why smart blinds are recommended. 

Floor-to-Ceiling Shelves

Many walls are usually empty in tiny or large houses. Make efficient use of them by installing shelves. Another popular term is floating shelves. They are useful in covering the empty corners of walls. You can either opt for symmetrical, straight lined shelves, covering multiple walls in a room or choose asymmetric designs for exhibiting your bold choices.

Furthermore, such shelves are apt for making your tiny home less messy and carrying all the extra things. Also, in some houses, these shelves work more for holding décor pieces. 

Multipurpose Furniture

One of the smart solutions to maximize the look of a smaller house is buying multipurpose furniture. This way, you do not have to separately look for furniture depending on a specific functionality. One furniture piece will be doing more than one task and therefore, is practical in saving a lot of space.

You can put such pieces anywhere in the house. The technology is progressing day by day, hence, you can attain chairs, tables, beds and sofas which can serve more than one purpose. Just make certain to consider a reliable source to enjoy longevity and make your expenditure worthwhile. 


Tiny houses have the beauty of their own. They are easier to clean and energy efficient in a lot of ways as well. However, some might feel congested and will hence prefer larger spaces. If you like to maximize the smaller space then follow some simple tips. One is to go for floating shelves, which are not merely for holding decoration pieces. You can place other things too. Moreover, shop for multipurpose furniture to save space in your cute house. One furniture piece will be capable of performing multiple functions, limiting the need for buying more furniture.

Also, always organize your devices and cable, as they can provide harm to your kids and pets. Moreover, opt for curtains or blinds without strings to avoid tangling. One more tip is to install built-in appliances instead of freestanding ones, which is best for saving space and aesthetic appeal. 

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