Oasis Lawn Care Serving Overland Park

Oasis Lawn Care Serving Overland Park

Oasis Lawn Care

There is only one Earth. Consequently, we find that more and more people are concerned about ways in which they can protect and improve the environment. Short answer: no, if you choose a company that practices eco-consciousness practices. Ideally, you should select a company that even implements eco-friendly practices in their daily operations. Oasis Turf & Tree shares ways that we do business and lawn care to improve the environment.

Having Healthy and Thick Turf

Homeowners often overlook the benefits of a thick, healthy lawn. Also, it’s true that lawn care can have a positive impact on the environment (rather than a negative one as many people tend to believe). The right amount of product must be applied to the lawn in order for it to stay in place and grow thick and strong. The right amount of product must be applied by a professional. The wrong amount of product can ruin a lawn.

The Healthy Way to Perform Lawn Care


Our goal at Oasis Turf & Tree is to promote soil health using nutrition. Healthy soil contains beneficial microorganisms including fungi and bacteria which help plants digest nutrients. Lawns that have healthy, biologically active soil will absorb more lawn care products (and will use them to the fullest extent possible) than lawns that do not. Many people are becoming interested in health and the environment, leading to the use of terms like “innutrition” and “bio stimulants.”. Finding a program that truly works requires cutting through marketing gimmicks.

We Do Not Over-Apply Products

When homeowners take a DIY approach to lawn care, the environmental impact of lawn care can be adversely affected. This is true for lawn care companies as well. It’s faster for them to simply walk through and spray everything. We at Oasis Turf & Tree apply products only where they are necessary, spot spraying weeds. This method is more environmentally friendly and wasteful. Using blowers, we carefully clean up using the product and make sure it lands on the lawn so it can be absorbed (rather than on landscaping).


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